Clarify, edify, verify.  This little library is for you.


2014 August


Trusts 101

A brief, jargon-free introduction to trusts.  The trust is a flexible yet secure structure useful for various purposes.  In less than 10 minutes, clear any misconceptions you may have and discover how you can manage your personal wealth more efficiently through a trust.



2015 February


Trusted Advisors - Getting Counsel Involved Early

When properly structured, a trust is able to protect your assets, limit your tax exposure, safeguard your privacy, and provide for your family.  Why is it a good idea to seek legal advice early, and to retain your lawyer's continued involvement in your trust?  We tell you why.  Do not be entangled in missteps and mistakes, which are often expensive and become entrenched.


2015 November


Not All Advice is Equal (or Good) 


2016 April


"Offshore" is not a Dirty Word 


Offshore, OK 

When a trust is not a trust: Relevant lessons from New Zealand

2016 June

Privacy, Please! 

Your Pillbox and the Data Police